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The obsession of collecting lists of iranian startups, updating them and introducing new startups in Iran ,was always something we've had. According to this reason we decided to stablish the Techhuber in order to have a part in making people be seen and also Introducing Iranian startups in the same platform as a part of iran startup's ecosystem.


For having a good achievement and performance, it's necessary to be aware of what other people do in your field of work.
You can browse all startups and recieve all information which you might needed to know about who they are, what they do and how they are going to achieve it.
Discover the wide world of startups for having a better impact...!


Your performance would determine your state and your state would determine your goal.
Every startup would be ranked based on the quality of their work and the quality is combined of some important factors that can be super effective for ranking your startup
You can see startups based on the rank filter which is given to every one of them.


If you want to make sure of your bussiness direction you must involve yourself with comparison and contrast with other startups and competitors in the certain field of work.
Here you can see and find your competitors, how other markets and industry are varied from yours and also consider your performance based on other countries and markets to know the differences more and more in order to help you grow.

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